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Catherine Stodolsky, née Ekstein, is a historian living and working in Munich. She is a member of the Simon-Schalek-Ekstein family and is currently writing a family biography based on three generations of women of this family of independent thinkers, artists and intellectuals. In the Department of History at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, she teaches gender history, oral history and the history of exiles from Nazi Germany, and publishes in these fields.
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Malva Schalek: the life and work of a painter Link to Malva Schalek page.

The pictures from Theresienstadt are now at Beit Lohahamei Haghetaot, The Ghetto Fighters Museum in Israel. They were a gift from Hans Ekstein and Lisa Fittko. The pictures from the Vienna period are from Lisa Fittko's collection, with the exception of the portrait of Max Pallenberg, which is owned by the Vienna City Museum.

Lisa Fittko: writer and resistance worker Link to Lisa Fittko page.

Lisa Fittko, née Ekstein, is Malva Schalek's niece. She is the author of two memoirs about her anti-Nazi resistance activities: Mein Weg über die Pyrenäenen, Erinnerungen 1940-41 (München, Hanser Verlag, 1985) and Solidarität unerwünscht: Meine Flucht durch Europa. Erinnerungen 1933-1940 (München, Hanser Verlag, 1992). These works have been translated into French, English, Spanish, Japanese and Italian.